Next Steps

How to use the Dynamix Fax Portal

General Information

1. Access the fax portal at the URL:

2. Enter the Username and password provided for your department




3. The home screen will pop up. On the top click on the option, you want to view faxes, send a fax, view the faxes you sent, view your contacts or to contact support.




Sending a Fax

1. Click on “Send a Fax”




2. Type the number you want to fax to and click the plus sign




3. Choose the number you are sending the fax from (been programmed for you) and click “continue.”




4. Upload your own file. You also have the option to create a cover page if you need one.




5. Click “Send Fax” or if there is something wrong and you need to cancel click “Cancel Fax”




View a Fax you received

1. Click on “View Fax”




2. Download the fax to your computer to view the fax, forward the fax to an email address, move the fax to another folder or delete the fax.