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X-Lite/Bria Setup for dVoice UC

X-Lite Setup

Download the Application

To download X-Lite, please visit the Counterpath website by clicking here.

Opening the Application

  • Launch the X-Lite application.
  • Click on the upper left most menu option 'Softphone' and scroll down to 'Account Settings'.


Figure 1: X-Lite Application

Setting up

In the 'Account Settings' you have to enter the following information:
  • In the User ID field enter your main number, e.g., 5180s
  • In the Domain field enter the domain/accountid that your user belongs to e.g., puzzleinc
  • In the Display Name field enter your name, e.g., John Doe
  • In the Password field enter your user password e.g., 1234
  • In the Authorization Name field enter your main number, e.g., 5180s
  • Check the Register with domain and receive calls dialog box
  • Select the Proxy radio button
  • In the Proxy address field enter
  • Click on OK
  • Place a test call


Figure 2: Adding SIP Account Details