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Dynamix Domains and IP Addresses

This document provides the domains, IP addresses, and ports that Dynamix requires for you to communicate with our cloud based services. We have other IP ranges for enterprise and wholesale customers, please contact your Enterprise Program Manger for this information. 

Domain Names



The following ports must be allowed:

21 (TCP)
35 (TCP)
80 (TCP)
443 (TCP)
4343-4346 (TCP)
8080 (TCP)
5060 (UDP/TCP)
5070 (UDP)
5090 (TCP)
5274 (TCP)
5721 (TCP)
9000-9999 (TCP)
16384‐32767 (UDP)

IP addresses for our Services

We recommend you whitelist the following IP addresses to ensure a seamless connection to our cloud based services:

North America (Miami, FL) (Miami, FL) (Los Angeles, CA) (San Jose, CA)

Europe (London, United Kingdom) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

Why should you Whitelist all of our IPs? Watch our HA Video

Monitoring IP
ICMP is not enabled on all IPs, if you require a monitoring IP please contact your account manager or