Next Steps


Automatic Provisioning of Gigaset with dVoice UC

We recommend creating the following DHCP Options on your network:

Set Provisioning-Server-URL via DHCP option 114

Option 114: 

Gigaset Phones have the factory default setting to first look for an Option 114 reply from the DHCP Server.


Pairing a Handset to a Gigaset N510 Base Station

In this guide we show you how to register a handset to a Gigaset N510 base station. Before you start, make sure that you have provisioned your Gigaset N510 DECT to the dVoice UC platform.

Registering handsets to N510 Base Station

1. To set your Base Station into registration mode, press and hold the button (about 3 seconds) until it will start to flash.


2. On the handset → Menu → Settings → Registration → OK

3. Once the correct Base Station is found, enter 7627 to pair the devices.

4. When successfully paired, the extension number will show in the display of the handset.